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How To Refund A Request For Failed Booking?

Refund A Request For Failed Booking
Published On October 19, 2023

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, or IRCTC, introduced a structured system for passengers to book online tickets through the portal & application. The initiative helps users to get rid of long time waiting over counters & hustle for confirmed bookings. The whole process went online and can be completed within a few minutes. IRCTC’s official portal & app made train search & berth booking too easy, along with digital payment modes. Another best way for IRCTC booking is to contact any authorized agents. You can also look for a leading IRCTC service provider offering IRCTC services. 

However, you might face multiple technical glitches due to server problems & internet bandwidth incompatibility in the digital booking process. Several users complain about failed booking transactions & want to know how to request a refund. Let’s discuss the process in the blog ahead, with which you can request a refund for failed bookings.

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Why Does the Issue of Failed Transactions Arise?

IRCTC portal eases online payment during the ticket booking process. However, the process has complexities involving telecommunication integration & technical systems between customers’ internet & payment gateway. The delay or failure under the complex network structure leads to failed transactions. Although the booking transaction failed, the amount was debited from the bank, which required a refund. 

Transaction failure can result from IRCTC’s server issues & might be bank & payment gateway defaults. Let’s look at the two common scenarios.

CASE 1: When Payment Was Completed but Ticket Bookings Failed 

The case arises mainly when the passengers choose particular berth preferences, so the booking process fails due to the unavailability of a berth. Still, the amount is deducted from the account. Another reason might be network failure. In the above case, IRCTC refunds the amount & credits it back to the customer’s account within 2 to 3 working days. 

CASE 2: When Settlement & Ticket Bookings Both Failed 

In this case, the failed booking process is due to system & network errors of banks and payment gateway companies. Due to this default, no transaction occurs in the IRCTC account, and the amount stays in the bank account. So, the customer receives the refunds from the banks after due verification of the transaction. 

In both scenarios, passengers do not have to apply for any request regarding refunds. IRCTC or the bank makes the refunds automatically as by default processing for failed transactions. Most refund transactions are completed within 2 to 3 working days. 

What if the Amount Wasn’t Credited Back After 1 Week and Above? 

IRCTC provides the option to request refunds if the amount is not credited to the bank account after 1 or 2 weeks. Passengers can write an email to [email protected] & otherwise post the physical letter to the official address mentioning all the details to support the case, like transaction ID & other details. 

It is advisable to wait for 3 to 5 working days as the refunded amount is credited to the bank account. IRCTC has a comprehensive failed booking process to follow for account refunds that take a few days to complete. 

How to Check the Status of Transaction Failed?

Passengers can check on their failed transaction status & track their debited amount refund process through their IRCTC account ID. Here are the steps to follow to gather the details about the failed booking process:-

  • Login into your IRCTC account using the credentials 
  • Move to the dashboard & click on My Transactions option 
  • Under the section, select Booked Ticket History from the dropdown menu 
  • There will be a list of past transactions available; select the transaction ID for which you want to check the status 

General Tips to Avoid Failed Transaction 

Digital defaults may occur as system coverage is beyond the control of passengers & IRCTC. However, there are simple things to keep in mind to avoid failure:

  • Passengers should use fast internet connectivity to avoid network interruption during transaction completion.
  • Sometimes, applications do not work properly due to Android or iOS systems; passengers can use laptops for ticket booking to avoid app glitches.
  • Ensure there is no problem with your online payment UPI apps or net banking options.
  • Use personal data instead of local Wi-Fi for better bandwidth connection, as it also provides data security.

Sometimes, passengers book their tickets through an authorized IRCTC train booking agent. They will follow the same failed booking process for refunds & once the amount is refunded to their wallet, it will be transferred to the customer’s account. If you have also booked your ticket through an agent, you can contact your IRCTC agent to obtain clarity regarding the process of refunds. 

SiOnline: Best IRCTC Service Provider!

IRCTC manages the operation of online ticket booking with a structured system. Refunds are processed within the stipulated time in case of any transaction failure. Otherwise, passengers can request a refund via email & postal letter with details about the transaction. IRCTC follows a simplified failed booking process that generally refunds the amount within 3 to 4 working days. If you are looking for a reliable IRCTC service provider to gather details relating to IRCTC train booking agent registration & other support services – SiOnline is a stop solution.

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