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How To Successfully Make IRCTC Login Agent Login ID With DSC?

Agent Login ID
Published On October 19, 2023

IRCTC agents have the authority to book train tickets for passengers. Using the digital panel allows agents to carry out several essential but vital functions, enabling them to provide required assistance to customers. To accomplish the task, they receive an IRCTC login agent ID

The following are some of the crucial responsibilities people may receive if they become an IRCTC agent:- 

  • Ticket Booking: Agents book train tickets for their customers, including general ticket booking of special and regular trains in all classes & quotas and Tatkal bookings. 
  • Advising: Sometimes, the passengers approach agents as they are not sure of their bookings; it might be a case to book connecting trains or something else. In such cases, agents are responsible for providing the required advice to them. 
  • Miscellaneous Other Services: Agents assist customers regarding other services provided by IRCTC and assist them to have a safe and smooth journey. 
  • Support: Agents also resolve the queries of customers relating to the aspects of ticket booking and journey. 

An agent provides all these services using the agent login ID provided by IRCTC. Agents receive their login credentials to access the online platform where they perform all these services. In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects of IRCTC agent login ID and how agents can use DSC to access it. 

What Is an IRCTC Agent ID?

Travel agents who meet eligibility criteria and become authorized to provide services receive a unique identifier as an IRCTC agent login ID for ticket booking, journey analysis, travel insurance, etc. 

The IRCTC agent login ID enables agents to be on the panel of an IRCTC website and access the information & resources required to carry out their duties. It also enables IRCTC to keep track of the agent’s performance and provide them with the appropriate compensation.  

What All Can Agents Do With their IRCTC ID?

Following are the crucial operations carried out using an IRCTC agent ID they receive after an IRCTC Agent Registration:-

  • Quick and Efficient Ticket Booking: On the digital panel of IRCTC, agents safeguard the records of customers and provide them with a quick booking for the destination they want. 
  • Performance Monitoring: Agents must complete their targets to receive appropriate compensation from IRCTC. The digital solution safeguards their interest and enables them to work more proactively to achieve their targets & receive their salaries and commissions. 
  • Managing the Bookings: The database of IRCTC allows agents to secure the records efficiently, and further, it helps them resolve a dispute or carry out several other responsibilities. 
  • Ticket Cancellation: Canceling the ticket is a part of the job of IRCTC agents if the passenger asks for it, and they can do it efficiently using their agent login ID. 
  • Requesting a Refund: When customers do not wish to use a booked ticket to complete a journey, they can ask for a refund, which is provided using an IRCTC employee panel more efficiently. 
  • Report Generation: It enables agents to generate reports regarding various activities carried out like ticket booking, refunds, and cancellations. 
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What Is DSC, and How Can You Access IRCTC Agent ID WIth It?

A Digital Signature Certificate, or DSC, is a technological advancement as a cryptographic technique used to verify authenticity. The added level of encryption in it makes a panel more secure and safe for the user. It offers the user a greater level of convenience to sign documents and ensures the signature’s authenticity. 

An IRCTC agent can log in to the panel using DSC. However, the agent must be able to access the IRCTC account through DSC. These are the things agents must have to log in with DSC:-

  • Appropriate digital devices like computers or laptop
  • Internet connectivity with appropriate bandwidth. 
  • IRCTC agent ID and password. 
  • An authenticated digital signature certificate. 
  • A DCS reader. 

Steps to Login Agent ID With DSC

Here are the steps agents need to take to log in to the IRCTC ID with DSC:-

  • Visit the website of IRCTC and navigate the appropriate section. 
  • The same enables you to find the relevant page to fill up your agent ID and password to proceed further. 
  • Click on the Login button to initiate the sign-in process to the agent’s account of IRCTC. 
  • Insert the DSC through the DSC reader and wait till the panel identifies you. 
  • When prompted, enter the DSC pin. 
  • Click on verify to complete the process. 

SiOnline – Login Your Agent ID With Us!

After the IRCTC agent registration is complete, a recognized personnel receives the login credentials to conduct the assigned duties. An agent ID makes things more effective and allows agents to carry out their responsibilities with higher accuracy and speed. Signing into the agent’s account with DSC adds another level of encryption. We, at SiOnline, provide you with the required guidance regarding the aspects of IRCTC and make things easier for you. As an authorized service provider, we help you with your agent login primarily. If you have not applied to become an agent and are still thinking, you can start your process with us at SiOnline and become an IRCTC agent quickly to open an earring opportunity!

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